I Have Had Enough

I agree with Glenn Beck. I have had enough! There is proof of corruption and other illegal activity by Obama, his administration, the Biden Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family, the FBI, and members of Congress. Bit, NOTHING is ever done.

President Trump was spied on. He was the target of an illegal coup. High ranking officials in the FBI knowingly and willingly committed perjury to open criminal investigations on President Trump and members of his administration. We spent vast sums of money and wasted time on frivolous investigations and impeachment over things known to be false. The Clinton Foundation sold uranium to Russia. Hillary kept classified emails on her personal computer, then deleted them and smashed the hard drives. Adam Schiff lied to us all about having evidence of corruption.

What do all these have in common? Nobody has been held accountable. Jeff Sessions did nothing, and William Barr has done nothing. Lindsay Grahan is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He could have been investigating these crimes, but he did nothing.

Please watch Glenn Beck’s video below and see if you agree with him as I do.


Goodbye Facebook and Twitter

It’s been a good run, but it’s time to move on from Facebook and Twitter. I’m tired of the censorship of those who love America and want to make it great again. As of this writing, the United States Constitution is still in effect. That includes an inalienable right of free speech and freedom of religion. Yes…I know that the Constitution’s purpose is to limit the government’s power, and it doesn’t apply to private businesses. But, when a social media giant promotes one view and censors all other opinions, I can’t support it. Both Facebook and Twitter fall into that category. 

I have decided to move to two other social media platforms that do not censor and allow all views: MeWe and Gab. I have done the homework for you. Both of these are American owned. They do not censor anyone, and they do an excellent job of preventing fake news. They also protect user privacy. They have also been the target of the giants’ Facebook and Twitter and the left-leaning media. 

Gab was created and is owned by a Christian. The left has targeted him to the extent that Visa, PayPal, and other financial organizations will not work with him. If you want to upgrade, you have to send a check or use Bitcoin. He has also created his own network or servers to host Gab, and he has created a browser, DissenterGab operates much like Twitter in that it limits the number of characters in a post. 

MeWe is like Facebook. There is a news feed, there are groups, and you can broadcast live. You can follow many of the same things you can on Facebook. One of the significant differences is that there is no advertising or tracking. MeWe also has a chat feature that loads alongside your feed. 

I suspect that most people will continue to support Facebook and Twitter; however, if you want to share your opinion and see other people’s ideas without being censored all without ads or being tracked, then the switch is for you. If you want to interact with me on social media, that’s where I’ll be from now on. 

Goodbye, Facebook, and Twitter! 

Another Cliffhanger

By Clarice Feldman

A Little Civics Lesson

On Saturday, when rallies were scheduled to take place in key battleground areas to demand only legal votes were counted, the major networks announced Biden-Harris were the winners. Apparently, they are under the impression that they decide election results. They don’t. On December 14, electors chosen by state legislators cast their votes. No one else but the state legislators have that right. (Article II, Sec. 1,§2 of the Constitution). Certainly not the press, nor state boards of elections, secretaries of state, governors, or courts.

If they have reason to believe the elections in their states were unlawfully conducted and the results fraudulent, they can act to override them. (You can see a detailed history of this section of the Constitution in this fine article by Daniel Horowitz.) The Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania  legislatures are majority Republican. At first glance these states — particularly the precincts in Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia — are the most suspect.

Is there ample evidence of fraud sufficient to have altered the will of the legal voters in these states? It sure looks that way.

Specific Evidence of Fraud

Saturday, Rudy Giuliani conducted a press conference in Philadelphia in which he brought forward some of the 50 Republican poll watchers who will testify in a civil rights suit to be filed in federal court tomorrow that despite state law and a court order, they were deprived of a right to observe the counting of the sea of late-coming absentee ballots which turned the tide against the President who had closed Tuesday night by a huge margin. Preliminarily, those were 500,000 mail-in ballots, the most fraud-susceptible kind. He indicated similar affidavits were being collected by Republican poll watchers in Pittsburgh involving an approximate 300,000 absentee ballots. He noted there was evidence of backdating of the ballots to meet a deadline, an utter lack of security for these ballots, and there were other infirmities as well — including votes by dead people (including Joe Frazier, who died five years ago), that the uniform votes in these batches for Biden was statistically impossible.  Pennsylvania was not the only state in which the Trump team was receiving such information — he saw the same thing in Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina and anticipated the challenge might well involve more than Pennsylvania as the evidence is coming in.  Kyle Baker has tweeted a number of such anomalies:

Swing state voting irregularities:

Biden outperforms Senators in swing states, underperforms in VA, NH, RI

Biden underperforms Hillary/Obama in cities, except in MI, PA, GA, WI

Biden mail-in dumps with 100% margins

GOP lose ZERO House races


While we are not privy to what steps the FBI is taking nationwide, there is confirmation that the FBI is investigating backdating of ballots in Detroit, and Attorney General William Barr has authorized deployment of armed agents to observe recounts. (The only time in the process agents can go in is after the voting  when the votes are being canvassed and tabulated.)

The Supreme Court has issued a temporary order to Pennsylvania requiring them to separate all ballots which arrived after Election Day. 

In October, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted a three-day extension for mail-in ballot counting. The decision was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 4-4 ruling, a vote shy of the five votes needed to grant a stay. The split ruling came just days before Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the bench. 

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling in October allows ballots to be counted as long as they are postmarked by Nov. 3 or in cases where the postmark isn’t legible. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has also ruled that mail-in ballots cannot be thrown out when the signature on the ballot clearly doesn’t match the signature on the voter’s application. 

If the Court had applied the Constitution, then we wouldn’t have this mess, for it’s clear under Article 1 Sec. 4, cl 1–that the Pennsylvania court had no constitutional power to change the “times, methods, and procedures of elections.” 

The willful deprivation  and defrauding of state residents of a fair and impartially conducted election constitutes a criminal offense, but should Biden be declared winner, the U.S. attorneys in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, and Milwaukee thus have only about 10 weeks in which to initiate fraud cases that the attorney general could pass on to a special counsel he designates.

Apart from federal litigation, investigations, and prosecutions, the states involved themselves can and should look into these claims of fraud and interference.  In Wisconsin, the Speaker of the House has directed an investigation into mail-in ballot dumps and voter fraud. Pennsylvania has subpoenaed election officials.

In Texas, a  social worker has been charged with falsifying 134 votes of people in state hospitals 

I’m sure there are other cases like this pending or of which I have no knowledge at this time.

It is difficult to prove that the fraud you can find in such a short timeframe was sufficient to so substantially affect the election that it must be redone. I know, I was a member of the legal team that got the UMWA fraudulent election for Tony Boyle over Jock Yablonski thrown out and a new election ordered. It was a long battle and involved the work of countless volunteers throughout the country to document the fraud and intimidation. (All of this is well- documented in the recently released book Blood Runs Coal: The Yablonski Murders and the Battle for the United Mine Workers of America. )

So, it would be wonderful if there were a simpler way of documenting widespread fraud than these. I’ve seen two claims. The first is that the DHS printed all the ballots using a secret infrared watermark so all the manufactured ballots would be easily detected. Nonsense. This would be impossible, and DHS has already debunked it. Ballots carry not only the top of the ticket, but countless local candidates and initiatives and they are printed and distributed locally.

The second claim was made on Friday by General Michael Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs’s show that there is a likelihood that “three percent of the vote total was changed digitally, by using the “Hammer” program and the software program “Scorecard.” That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote. [snip] In addition they ran an algorithm to calculate votes that they might need to come up with for Mr. Biden in specific areas.

It doesn’t seem that implausible when it was proven that a “computer glitch” in Michigan had switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden votes.

The computers need to be checked in all the other districts in Michigan and in the disputed battleground states which all use the same program from an outfit called Dominion.

Powell says this all can be documented and the case on the computer-falsifying results will be filed in federal court in multiple states to enjoin the certification of any election results. If the Trump team can prove the tallies were changed digitally, it has its easiest, fastest route to enjoin certification of the results. 

What if There’s no Winner Declared by Inauguration Day?

I’ve seen lots of assertions that in such a case Nancy Pelosi will be the interim president. Nope. Should that eventuality occur, the House votes for an interim president and the Senate for an interim vice president. (The House votes are by state — one vote each — and the Republicans hold a majority of 26 states. Our founders were geniuses. Never forget that.)


Iowahawk who seemingly hates all politicians, is quite correct:

Trump loses

Pelosi & Schumer face insurrection after election disaster

The Squad is now radioactive

Polling industry is dead

Silicon Valley torches $5 billion for absolutely nothing

Fox News beheaded by their own viewers

my God, it’s like the Red Wedding

Don’t give up. My friend “The Infamous Ignatz” shares my view about pessimism:

Reality exists but we prioritize what parts of it we react to. However that is more to do with our prejudices and has little bearing on their real importance. Pessimism or optimism not only illuminates what we think the future holds it animates what we do to shape and alter [or not] the future and it influences those around us in the same way.

Seems to me, in a realm with as long a time frame and as many variables and the unending tidal swings in public opinion and culture that politics feature and with as many opportunities for influence it presents, pessimism really not only makes no particular rational sense, it tends to the self-fulfilling prophecy end of things. And since it prophesies ruin, what rationale can be advanced that it presents any social utility?

Personal pessimism, to the extent it isn’t “contagious” no doubt has considerably more utility, but as soon as it becomes a pathogen that infects others it has become a drag on whatever virtues and values it represents because it no longer is a private prudent guard against impending danger, but instead becomes disaster’s unintentional agent.

So what is the point of it and somewhat in the manner of Pascal’s wager, how does it make sense to choose it?

And I have good experience with why we have to remain optimistic. After Mr. Yablonski and his wife and daughter were murdered, we begged the FBI to come in and investigate. At the time, media outfits like Time, then a major influencer, suggested on no basis except perhaps disinformation from interested parties that the Mafia did it, while organized labor wanted this swept under the rug, as did politicians in big coal areas.  Joe Rauh and I met with Attorney General John Mitchell, who told us he’d just been on a call with  Secretary of Labor George Schultz who poo-pooed the idea of union involvement, saying Yablonski had lost, so the union had no motivation to kill him. I showed Mitchell our research that Boyle had lost among working coal miners and his victory had been because he’d rounded up the retired miners into separate locals and threatened them with loss of their pension and health benefits if they voted for Yablonski. I argued that Boyle couldn’t continue to run a union when his only support was among retired workers. The next day the FBI was ordered in. The roundup of all who participated took place bit by bit. Tony Boyle was convicted of murder and died in jail.

The vote for Biden was made up of the dead and the nonexistent voters, so he won’t be able to do much. Only live voters count in real life.

Never give up the good fight. Never hamstring your will to fight on with pessimism.


Nothing New in Politics

Politics has always been a nasty business. Contests between Adams and Jefferson, Jackson against Adams against Calhoun, are just a couple of examples of how bad politics can be. Have you ever heard about the election between Hayes and Tilden? If the pundits are correct, we may need to revisit history for 2020.

The presidential election of 1876 was supposed to be decided as it had always been (well, except for a couple). Except it wasn’t. Instead, disputes over the election outcome would continue all the way through March. The Electoral College unexpectedly helped the country that year: It isolated election disputes to only four states. Without the Electoral College, every vote in every state could have been contested.

In those post-Civil War years, the nation was starkly divided between North and South. Many in the South were outraged over Reconstruction. The carpetbaggers had mistreated them by cheating them out of land and money. Many Blacks had still not voted, and the Southern Democrats had prevented many more from voting.

The scene was set for a hotly contested political contest. Republicans had nominated Rutherford B. Hayes, the Governor of Ohio. Meanwhile, Democrats had nominated Samuel J. Tilden, the Governor of New York.

The results on Election Day led to chaos. Hayes appeared to have about 250,000 fewer popular votes nationwide than Tilden; however, the all-important electoral vote was still up for grabs. Twenty electors were disputed in four states. In Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina, state officials couldn’t agree on who had won. Thus, multiple slates of electors were submitted from each of those states. One electoral vote in Oregon was also disputed. Hayes needed all 20 of these electors to win. Tilden needed just one.

Can you imagine what the mainstream media will do if the results of this election are the same? Americans in 1876 didn’t have the benefits of modern technology to give them minute by minute updates. Instead, they had to wait for weeks to see which candidate would be declared the victor in a normal election. This was no ordinary election.

The situation prompted plenty of political grandstanding!
The Senate was then controlled by Republicans, while Democrats controlled the House of Representatives. No one knew what to do about the conflicting sets of election returns; however, Congress finally created an Electoral Commission. That Commission was supposed to be evenly divided, with seven Republicans, seven Democrats, and one independent Supreme Court Justice. But, it didn’t turn out that way. Instead, Independent Justice David Davis was elected to the Senate by the Illinois state legislature. His spot on the Commission was taken by Justice Joseph Bradley, a Republican appointee. So, no surprise, the Republican-controlled Commission soon decided all 20 disputed electoral votes in favor of Hayes, throwing the election to him.

Naturally, Democrats were upset, and a filibuster nearly sidetracked congressional acceptance of the Commission’s findings. Eventually, though, Congress brokered a compromise: Republicans indicated that they would be willing to bring Reconstruction to an end. In return, southern members of Congress began withdrawing their objections.

Hayes was finally declared the winner of the election at about 4:00 a.m. on March 2. The action came about mostly because Congress had its back up against a wall: Only two days then remained in President Ulysses S. Grant’s term. After all the turmoil, Rutherford B. Hayes was finally sworn in as the country’s 19th President on March 4, 1877.

Socialism and Christianity

In the present political and religious climate in America, the topic of Socialism has become more prominent. I’ve noticed an increase in the talk related to Socialism. This is because of the left-leaning media and schools that have produced a misguided sympathy for contra-constitutional ideas. According to Pew Research, 42% of Americans have a positive impression of Socialism, 84% of Republicans are negative towards it, with 65% of Democrats having a positive view. This isn’t good. I will explain why. But, first things first.

What is Socialism?

Socialism is a political and social system in which private property and the distribution of goods are subject to social and centralized governmental control. A socialist economy discourages private ownership of property. In fact, it often reduces and eliminates it. Socialism also increases the movement towards government control of the economy and businesses and the confiscation of assets. However, this reduces efficiency and slows the economy. Furthermore, it demotivates individuals from taking risks to produce and be rewarded for what they provide because the means of production can be “confiscated,” and/or “controlled,” by those in government.

Command Theory versus Demand Theory

In a very basic simplification, Socialism is a command economy where capitalism is a demand economy. This means that in Socialism, the means of production and distribution are commanded by governmental oversight. In capitalism, the demand produced by the population’s needs is met by the people, not the government. That is a huge difference. In Socialism, the means of production and distribution are decided by relatively few people who cannot possibly have enough knowledge to know which particular subcategories of production and distribution are needed so they can be applied to the varying situations and nuances of a broad and complicated economy. In capitalism, the demand/need of the people is manifested through consumption. Those individuals who meet the need of that consumption then govern their own means of production and distribution. They are rewarded for their efforts and are motivated to continue to produce. It is far more efficient. In Socialism, individuality is reduced. In capitalism, it is increased. 

Strengths of Socialism

Every political system has strengths and weaknesses. In Socialism, its strengths are:

1. The goal of fairness to all regarding obtaining goods.

2. The intention of reducing poverty and increasing personal standard of living.

3. The restriction of the rich having great power that is out of balance with the population.

4. Cost of production can be controlled.

5. Cost of distribution and sales can be controlled.

These are lofty goals, but reality does not meet those goals. Socialism has been tried in various countries and failed miserably. And, for those who think some European countries do well in Socialism, think again. Europe is not socialistic. 

Weaknesses of Socialism

Socialism has definite problems. In it, the government owns or controls production and the distribution of what is produced. It decides what is best for the majority of people based on the analysis and opinions of those in power. But, it also has harmful side-effects.

1.  Inefficiency: Those in power cannot be aware of all the details necessary to run a large economy with its incredibly complex means of production on various intricate and interrelated levels. Instead, those best able to manage their affairs are involved with their work, not government-run agencies.

2.  Demotivation: When the government is in control and takes from individuals the right to produce and distribute goods as they see fit, it demotivates them to take risks in starting businesses and reaping the benefits of that risk. This reduces the efficiency and power of the economy.

3.  Slows economy: Socialism slows down the economy because the risk-takers do not want to produce as much under penalty that their hard work would be confiscated for redistribution. When the economy slows down, everyone is affected.

4.  Encourages governmental oppression: The government, in order to continue its control of production and distribution, must continue to consolidate its own power. To do this, it must pass more laws to ensure its control. This naturally leads to the oppression of people who would resist.

5.  Bureaucratic red tape: Red tape is like molasses (see point 3 above). It moves slowly. Red tape reduces the efficiency necessary to meet the immediate demands within an economy.

6.  Cost of production increases and money is devalued: With the demotivation of people to produce and manage their own affairs with detailed efficiency, the government slows, production decreases, and the costs of goods increases. The government will then look to imports to meet the needs of its own slowed economic growth. This means the money that is best used within its own economy will leave and go to other countries. This devalues the currency in that socialist country and decreases the rate and means of internal production.

7.  Misunderstand human nature: People are not basically good and altruistic. Socialism may have lofty goals, but history teaches us that people are not as good as they should be. For the most part, they don’t lookout for the welfare of others. They look out for themselves. But Socialism reduces the security of the population and foils the lofty goal of equitability.

An analogy of Socialism and grades in a classroom

Let’s say there are 30 students in a classroom. Ten of the students work very hard and get A’s. Ten of the students do the minimal work and get C’s. The remaining ten students hardly work at all and get F’s. The socialist-teacher (government) decides to distribute all of the grades (goods) evenly for the whole’s betterment. Therefore, he averages all the grades and decides that everyone gets a grade of C. When the A-students discover that their grades do not reflect their hard work, they complain. The teacher disregards their complaints. The A-students are demotivated and don’t work as hard.

The C-students realize that the hard work of the A-students is given to them. So, they don’t need to work as hard because they are getting the redistributed-benefit of someone else’s work. The F-students realize that if they do nothing, they will still get a better grade. So, they don’t work at all. This causes a further reduction of overall hard work (goods) in the classroom (society). The overall control of the grade distribution (Socialism) required by the socialist-teacher (government) then drops from a C to a D. Seeing this, the A and C Students realize the lack of fairness of this system and are further demotivated. But when they complain, they are threatened by the teacher with even lower grades (fines and imprisonment) if they resist his socialist governance. The lazy students, of course, like the system because it rewards their laziness. Therefore, the producers don’t want to work at all, and everyone ends up failing. The teacher sees that the overall production of quality of grades (goods) has plummeted and that most everyone is now suffering from a lower quality product. Therefore, he passes a classroom rule requiring that everybody work harder, and he imposes the threat of giving an F to everyone if they don’t work harder (fines and imprisonment). But this is met with resistance and futility since the system rewards the unproductive and penalizes the producers, and bad grades (goods) are the new norm. Eventually, the whole system collapses, the productive students abandon the class and go elsewhere.

Venezuela and Socialism

A review of Venezuela’s decline from the third most prosperous country in the hemisphere to bankruptcy, riots, and starvation can be seen in the following timeline that began with the introduction of socialist policies.

  • 1992 Became the third richest country in the hemisphere
  • 1998, Hugo Chavez elected president. Through the “Bolivarian Revolution” brings in a new constitution that brought socialist policies.
  • 2001, Chavez passes laws aimed at the redistribution of land and wealth.
  • 2004 Private healthcare is completely socialized
  • 2005, Chavez signs a decree to eliminate large estates and removal of private property
  • 2005, Stiff fines and prison terms for those in media who criticized public figures.
  • 2006, Chavez shifts buying military equipment from the U.S. to Russia.
  • 2007, Chavez announces that “key energy and telecommunication companies will be nationalized.”
  • 2007 All higher education becomes free
  • 2007, Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhilips refused to hand over control of operations to the Venezuelan government and are then kicked out of the country
  • 2009, Voters approve the plan to abolish term limits.
  • 2009, Socialists banned private ownership of guns
  • 2012, the government enforces price controls on essential goods to battle against inflation.
  •  2014, 28 people die in the suppression of an anti-government protest
  • 2017, Constitution and elections are suspended
  • 2018, U.N. says 2 million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries since 2014

Is this what we want for the United States? No! Why then, do so many politicians take an oath to uphold the Constitution, yet they promote socialist ideas?

Is Socialism biblical?

No, Socialism is not biblical. Socialism stands in opposition to biblical principles. In the Bible, people have the right to do with their property is they desire (Acts 5:4), as well as have a representative form of government (Ex. 18:21-22Deut. 1:13), where there is self-governance (Matt. 18:15-17), private property rights (Ex. 20:17), the liberty to act freely (2 Cor. 3:171 Pet. 2:16), along with capitalist principles (Matt. 21:33-4125:14-30) and where the law requires a fair trial with witnesses (Deut. 19:15Matt. 18:16)

1.  A representative form of government

1.  Exodus 18:21-22, “Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens. 22 Let them judge the people at all times; and let it be that every major dispute they will bring to you, but every minor dispute they themselves will judge. So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you.”

2.  Deut. 1:13, “Choose wise and discerning and experienced men from your tribes, and I will appoint them as your heads.'”

2.  Self-governance

1.  Matthew 18:15-17, “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. 16 But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED. 17 If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.”

3.  Private Property rights

1.  Exodus 20:17, “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

2.  Acts 5:4, “While it remained unsold, did it not remain your own? And after it was sold, was it not under your control? Why is it that you have conceived this deed in your heart? You have not lied to men but to God.”

4.  The principle of liberty and freedom

1.  2 Cor. 3:17, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

2.  Gal. 5:1, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.”

3.  1 Peter 2:16, “Act as free men, and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bond slaves of God.”

5.  Capitalist Principles

1.  Matt. 25:14-30. This is the parable of the talents where the master gives the servants different amounts of money and requires them to produce more out of what they have been given.

2.  Matt. 21:33-41. This is the parable of the landowner leaving servants in charge of his vineyard. He owned the vineyard and required proper treatment of his people and his property.

6.  Witnesses and fair trial

1.  Deut. 19:15, “A single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he has committed; on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed.”

2.  Matt. 18:16, “But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED.”

Can a Christian be a Socialist?

In light of the Scriptures, can a Christian be a socialist? In one sense, yes, and another, no. Christians can be all kinds of things without realizing they contradict Scripture. Being a socialist or capitalist does not make someone a Christian or not a Christian. Nevertheless, a Christian who studies the Bible and submits to its revelatory truth cannot correctly hold to socialistic ideas.


Socialism is nice in theory but fails in practice. It seeks equity in the equal distribution of goods, but in so doing reduces efficiency, demotivates people, penalizes those who work hard, and rewards those who do not. It is a failed system and should not be adopted in the United States or anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, it is unbiblical that it restricts freedom, reduces private property rights, endangers self-governance, denies representative governance, and essentially takes what one person has produced, in the form of legalized theft, and gives it to others.

Slick, Matt. “n.d.” What is socialism? Is socialism biblical? Can a Christian be a socialist?Retrieved from https://carm.org/what-is-socialism-is-it-biblical-and-christian?inf_contact_key=77823ec94799f9e3a18de9b568659f23f651f238aa2edbb9c8b7cff03e0b16a0

President Trump’s Accomplishments

With early voting already underway and Election Day only a couple of weeks away, we need to remind everyone of President Trump’s accomplishments. He has done more for the USA in less than four years than Joe Biden in 50 years. Sadly, many people have never heard of them because of the biased media. Others refuse to hear about them because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

President Trump has given us 300 great judges on the lower courts. He has also given us three Supreme Court Justices far superior than Roberts and one just may turn out to be another Clarence Thomas. He defeated ISIS and brought our troops home.

He got us out of the disastrous Iran deal, killed their head of terror, boxed them in and is currently collapsing their economy while also brokering a Mid East peace deal that everyone said could never happen. He moved our embassy to Jerusalem despite the state department, something no president has done even though they all promised.

He met with the North Korean Dictator. No other president did anything to stop North Korea from gaining more power. He has gotten Europe to pay their share of NATO, brought the Arabs and the Jews together, while smashing the choke hold of the PLO, and stood up to the Chinese instead of selling them supercomputers (Clinton), accepting lead poison in dog food (Bush), or loving the CCP and taking millions in dirty money (Obama/Biden).

He also has defended religious liberty unlike any other president, at least in the last 100 years. He is a dedicated pro-life advocate that, unlike most Republicans, backs it up with action instead of just talk.

President Trump has also opened doors that the GOP was too wussy even to try to open with Hispanics and Blacks. He again didn’t pander. He instead cleared the deadwood and opened pathways up to get a higher education, create jobs, and not get lost in the prison system.

President Trump also took on an economy that had been beaten down, a people who had been told “you didn’t build that” and, in fact, Obama and Biden claimed that the economy was “as good as it would ever get,” that we would never create jobs in sectors ever again.

President Trump gave us the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, the lowest unemployment for Hispanics & Blacks ever, and the first real growth in pay than I can remember. President Trump then responded to the most massive pandemic in 100 years by doing a couple of things I have never seen a president do:

1) America’s biggest capitalist shuts down the entire economy and knowingly puts his re-election at risk in order to save people.

2) He closed travel with China and Europe, only to be called “racist,” “xenophobic,” and accused of stirring hatred. Now everyone says they were for it, but he stood alone and took the heat.

When everyone bashed him because they thought he would seize control and become an authoritarian by telling states what to do or taking control of companies and telling them what to produce, he simply asked the free market to step to the plate because he trusts the people of this country to do the right thing. By not taking control, he was called a dictator and a Nazi. Meanwhile, he has been blamed for the blood bath created by Governor Cuomo’s nursing home policies. They said 2 million would die, best case scenario 200,000 — if we did everything right. Gee, it seems that we are now in the period they told us would be phase two; it looks like we seem to have hit that “best-case scenario” at this point.

While all of this has gone on, President Trump has fought the lies that were started by Hillary Clinton’s team to smear him as a Russian operative. It was enabled by the Obama White House and included the DOJ, CIA, Department of State, FBI, and DNI. Did I leave anyone out? Oh, yeah, we are now getting evidence that members of the Pentagon may have been involved as well. Not to mention the so-called “press” and Congress who did things that were an embarrassment to our Country. He has single-handedly exposed the press for who they are and have always been. Because of his tweets, personal style, and frankly his courage, he has told those who genuinely are: “Enemies of the people.” Any person or group that knowingly lies to destroy our president, our Constitution, and the free market are not just enemies of the people; they are enemies of the freedom of all humanity.

He is perhaps the only man in America that can and has stood entirely alone, surrounded by enemies, surrounded by those who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, who are now actively engaged in destroying it and any elected president who stands in their way.

Personally, I have grown sick and tired of spineless, do nothing, old, corrupt GOP politicians who are either part of the problem or too frightened to stand alone and speak up. The vast majority are all “Sunshine Patriots.” History will condemn those who did nothing but complain and whine. In contrast, others not only rang the bell but stood and took the hits, who risked it all and lost money, reputation, and perhaps, God forbid, some who gave the ultimate sacrifice to fight the evil that rages so clearly against the light.

One hundred years from now, history will judge all of us. So will our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Most will be forgotten. Those who failed to show up on the battlefield or cower in the trees will be remembered with shame and disdain. Others, like President Trump, I believe, will be seen as indispensable.

SBTS to Pay Reparations to Black Students

This is deeply troubling to me. The Cooperative Program helps support all the SBC seminaries. Most SBC churches contribute part of your tithes and offerings to the CP. One of the objections to stop contributing to the CP is that it supports missionaries. The church can still support any missionaries they want without sending money to the CP.

If you are a member of an SBC church, It is your duty to know what your money is supporting.

I have updated this with the actual news article.

What if the ‘Rats Win?

What if God in His perfect Will allows the ‘Rats to win the elections in November? All we need to do is read the Book of Isaiah to see how God has worked in the past. As many of you know, I’ve written “A Prophetic Message to the USA,” which relates Isaiah’s words to the United States in 2020. God has allowed Satan to use his minions to infiltrate our government at all levels. Make no mistake, the ‘Rats have been taken over by Satan. They don’t even hide it. Their platform states that they are removing God from their agenda as well as supporting pure evil policies.

Should God allow Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to win, and should He also let the Senate and House fall under the ‘Rats control, we are going to have a very tough time. If this happens in our states, it will be even more challenging. According to Romans 13, we are commanded to support our government, but I’m not sure that applies when it openly hates God and all He is and stands for.

If the ‘Rats win in November, they already vow to destroy one branch of government and transform the U.S. Senate into another House of Representatives, where simple majority rules and “fickleness and passion” carry the day, to quote James Madison. They have already stated they will “pack” the Supreme Court with as many Justices as necessary to keep the majority that supports them. They do not want the court to interpret the law as its design but become a super legislative branch of government.

Recently Keith Olberman ranted on his YouTube channel that President Trump and all of his supporters should be “prosecuted, convicted, and removed” from society. For what, he doesn’t say. “Trump can be and must be expunged,” Olbermann begins. “The hate he has triggered, the pandora’s box he has opened — they will not be so easily destroyed. So, let us brace ourselves. The task is twofold. The terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box.” He continued, “And then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lees, and the William Barrs, and the Sean Hannities, and the Mike Pences, and the Rudy Guilianis, and the Kyle Rittenhouses, and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus,” Olberman ranted.

Not only has Olberman gone off the deep end, the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costello, stated a couple of weeks ago, “Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution. I’ll happily provide video commentary.”

The Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, recently said that “everything is on the table” if they win. I’m not even going to talk about Ms. Satan, Nancy Pelosi, and the things she has said and done.

We know that history repeats itself because people refuse to learn from it. All anyone needs to do is to look at Germany in the 1920s and ’30s to see the relationship of the Nazi’s to the “Rats in the USA for the last four years. It is amazing to see the comparison between the two.

All Christians need to fall on their knees and pray to God that He has mercy on us in this election. It may be too late for us. We have allowed the murder of more than 68,000,000 babies since 1972. We have allowed the government to support and promote the LGBTQ lifestyle. These are just a couple of violations of God’s Word we have allowed. There are many others. He may choose to allow us to go through the turmoil just like He did Judah in the time of Isaiah. In that case, we must pray for His protection.

May God bless the USA.