Goodbye Facebook and Twitter

It’s been a good run, but it’s time to move on from Facebook and Twitter. I’m tired of the censorship of those who love America and want to make it great again. As of this writing, the United States Constitution is still in effect. That includes an inalienable right of free speech and freedom of religion. Yes…I know that the Constitution’s purpose is to limit the government’s power, and it doesn’t apply to private businesses. But, when a social media giant promotes one view and censors all other opinions, I can’t support it. Both Facebook and Twitter fall into that category. 

I have decided to move to two other social media platforms that do not censor and allow all views: MeWe and Gab. I have done the homework for you. Both of these are American owned. They do not censor anyone, and they do an excellent job of preventing fake news. They also protect user privacy. They have also been the target of the giants’ Facebook and Twitter and the left-leaning media. 

Gab was created and is owned by a Christian. The left has targeted him to the extent that Visa, PayPal, and other financial organizations will not work with him. If you want to upgrade, you have to send a check or use Bitcoin. He has also created his own network or servers to host Gab, and he has created a browser, DissenterGab operates much like Twitter in that it limits the number of characters in a post. 

MeWe is like Facebook. There is a news feed, there are groups, and you can broadcast live. You can follow many of the same things you can on Facebook. One of the significant differences is that there is no advertising or tracking. MeWe also has a chat feature that loads alongside your feed. 

I suspect that most people will continue to support Facebook and Twitter; however, if you want to share your opinion and see other people’s ideas without being censored all without ads or being tracked, then the switch is for you. If you want to interact with me on social media, that’s where I’ll be from now on. 

Goodbye, Facebook, and Twitter! 

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook and Twitter

  1. Parker is free and free speech platform and also American owned. Plus I think the same is for Rumble too. Parker hit #1 on Apple app downloads the other day. But I ditch Facebook long ago and agree more then ever here lately. Also Newsmax for straight news with corporate bias because of special interest groups. Fox News is history too.


  2. Amen Brother! Deleted both as well. I however had not heard of gab. I wound up going to Parler and to Me We.
    I will consider gab though.


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