I Have Had Enough

I agree with Glenn Beck. I have had enough! There is proof of corruption and other illegal activity by Obama, his administration, the Biden Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family, the FBI, and members of Congress. Bit, NOTHING is ever done.

President Trump was spied on. He was the target of an illegal coup. High ranking officials in the FBI knowingly and willingly committed perjury to open criminal investigations on President Trump and members of his administration. We spent vast sums of money and wasted time on frivolous investigations and impeachment over things known to be false. The Clinton Foundation sold uranium to Russia. Hillary kept classified emails on her personal computer, then deleted them and smashed the hard drives. Adam Schiff lied to us all about having evidence of corruption.

What do all these have in common? Nobody has been held accountable. Jeff Sessions did nothing, and William Barr has done nothing. Lindsay Grahan is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He could have been investigating these crimes, but he did nothing.

Please watch Glenn Beck’s video below and see if you agree with him as I do.


One thought on “I Have Had Enough

  1. Welcome aboard Scott. I’m only sorry it took you this long to join us.

    This clip has become the battle cry for a lot of people like me and now you. What needs to happen now is for people to decide what, if anything, they are going to do about it. I’m not advocating violence but maybe it’s time for a level of civil disobedience the likes of which these power hungry Lords and Ladies wannabes has never seen.

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