Attempted Coup…NOT!

By the time you read this, you most definitely know about the incident in Washington DC on Wednesday, January 6th. You also have undoubtedly heard ad nauseam all the MSM and many politicians spouting their ridiculous views about what happened. Senator Chuck Schumer called it, “like the attack on Pearl Harbor, this is a day that will live in infamy.” Others have called it an attempted coup. It was neither of these. It was simply people fed up with the corruption and hypocrisy of Congress erupting much like a teapot that has started whistling. 

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see what brought this to a boil. 

  • Vice-President Joe Biden admitted to withholding money from Ukraine unless the prosecutor who was looking into corruption involving his son, Hunter Biden, was fired. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • In the summer of 2016, President Obama and his administration illegally spied on the then-candidate Trump and his campaign. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • In November 2016, a coup against President-Elect Trump was started by President Barak Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and leaders of the FBI and CIA, among others. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • President Trump was falsely accused of collaborating with Russia in winning the election and had to endure four years of blatant lies from the media and politicians. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • Hillary Clinton was caught violating laws pertaining to thousands and thousands of emails kept on a personal computer and then destroying the evidence. She has not been held accountable. 
  • The Clinton Foundation was found illegally selling uranium to Russia. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • Hillary Clinton paid for a dossier of lies in order to bring down the Trump administration. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • Representative Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and others conducted a corrupt and illegal impeachment against President Trump based on known lies. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioted and looted for more than 100 days in 2020. They burned down businesses, churches, government buildings, and homes. They barricaded a police precinct with officers and civilians inside and attempted to murder them by attempting to burn the building down. They laid siege to a federal building and attempted to murder the officers protecting it, seriously injuring several officers. They took control of parts of cities, terrorizing residents. They did many more illegal things. Nobody has ever been held accountable.  
  • Democrat leaders have used the Wuhan Flu to destroy the economy and ruin lives. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • Democrat politicians created the most corrupt and illegal presidential election in history. States violated their own constitutions. Fraudulent votes were used to defeat President Trump. Courts refused even to hear the evidence. Nobody has ever been held accountable. 
  • President Trump received 75,000,000 votes that included more votes from every minority group since 1960, and we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received more than 85,000,000 votes and won the election.   
  • The United States has sent observers all over the world to help prevent corrupt elections. The corruption in our 2020 election would never have been allowed anywhere else, but Congress certified it.

These are just a few of the things that have happened in the last four years that have frustrated and made many people angry. There were no fires and no looting to put what happened in Washington on January 6th in perspective with the past six months. There were a few broken windows at the capitol building, and a few people got inside and walked around and sat in some offices. I am not aware of any vandalism inside the building. Police killed one veteran, and three others died of medical emergencies. That is tragic. 

Now the politicians want to impeach President Trump while he has less than two weeks left in his term. They want to blame him for the incident when, in fact, they are the ones that are responsible. They want to make sure that he can never run for office again. Everything that has happened is about having control without being held accountable for anything the ruling class chooses to do. 

I believe that God has turned His back on the United States of America just like he did to Israel many times in the Old Testament. Because of the church’s disobedience, corruption, and cowardice, He has left us to our own devices. But I have addressed this topic before and certainly will again. May we turn back to God, and may He have mercy on us. 

Scott Harris

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