Where’s the Outrage?

Common Sense Corner

Where is the outrage over this incredibly obvious financial fraud being perpetrated on the American people? Why are there no protesters outside the local office of every Representative and Senator who signed on to this extortion of American taxpayers?

We are supposed to be overwhelmingly grateful, we are supposed to be genuflecting to these self-styled Lords and Ladies who see themselves as our saviors, we are supposed to be singing hosanna on the highest to these clowns, these crooks, these parasites, and their various sycophants and minions, all of whom have never missed a very generous paycheck during this crisis, something that can’t be said for those of us that are forced at gunpoint, at the threat of imprisonment, to give up OUR money to pay those salaries! We are supposed to be all that and more over a $600 check while they spend billions…billions on CRAP that has no…

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