Taxing Their Way To Power

Common Sense Corner

The following is a post from Lt. Governor-Elect Mark Robinson’s Facebook page.

“When it comes to our RIGHTS Americans need to understand two things about Democrats; their legacy and their leadership. Their legacy is that of using a “poll tax” to keep people from exercising their RIGHT TO VOTE. Their current leadership has a suggested using a TAX on guns and gun components to keep people from exercising their RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. To those “leaders” I say this;

The poll tax was abolished, and the tax on our guns will not be TOLERATED…

Because BOTH subvert our CONSTITUTION.”

I’ve known Mark for a while and he has expressed admiration for my writing and letters.

We talked at the memorial service for recently deceased past County GOP Chairman Troy Lawson and Mark asked me to expound on his Facebook post comparing the poll tax of the past to the proposed…

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