Elections Have Consequences

November 3rd is fast approaching. It is now less than 90 days until we decide who will lead our Country for the next four years. Just as important is every seat in the House of Representatives is up for election as well. A number of Senators are also up for reelection. We hear the same thing every four years, but it is true this year. This is the most crucial election in the history of the USA. If the Democrats win, our way of life will be unrecognizable from what it has been for more than 244 years. Everything will change. Fortunately, the Democrats are giving us a preview of what will happen.

The Democrats are organized and ready for war. Antifa is the paramilitary arm of the party. Black Lives Matter is the backbone. Mainstream media is the propaganda engine. They have all come together and have declared war on the United States from within. They are willing to commit any evil and injustice to gain the power they need to remake America.

Meanwhile, people can only look on with disbelief as Democrats blatantly strive to keep Democrat-controlled state economies on lockdown. Along with the help of teachers’ unions, they are trying to keep most schools closed in an attempt to deliberately punish Americans and their families in the hopes their suffering can be used against Trump. Combined with the lockdowns, this will only help ensure a hobbled economy with which they can blame and batter President Trump to deny him a second term as president. After failing to impeach President Trump, they are willing to do whatever it takes to win in November.

I believe the riots and civil unrest of the past couple of months are only a prelude of what’s to come leading up to the election. What we’ve seen is a wargame of sorts. Now they are tweaking and preparing for the next phase. The propaganda division of the Democrat Party is only going to ramp up the fake news and false narratives in order to demonize President Trump for every wrong imaginable. They will also promote the communist, socialist, racist, and destructive manifesto of BLM. As the election draws nearer, Antifa will ramp up the arson, looting, riots, threats, vandalism, and violence in hopes of intimidating Republicans from voting. These thugs will gather at many polling places in their battle gear, holding their rifles without any interference because of the Democrat governors and mayors will prevent law enforcement from intervening.

You can also expect Antifa to play a prominent part in the aftermath of the election. If Trump wins, the violence will escalate exponentially. With a Biden Victory, we will be forced to acquiesce to a “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” In either situation, a civil war is quite possible.

At this point, an apocalypse is probably unavoidable. The Democrats want it that way. Are you ready?

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