Black Lies Matter

I recently heard a white pastor say during his sermon that he talked with a couple of black pastors about the troubles our Country is going through. He wanted to get their perspective. According to the White Pastor, the Black Pastors were concerned that what happened to George Floyd could happen to one of their children or themselves. By sharing this information during his sermon, he told his white audience that they need to be upset about police brutality toward black folks as well as discrimination against them. He succeeded in making many of his congregation upset.

Full disclosure: I am a male, White American Christian, veteran, and a retired police officer. I do not owe anyone anything because I was born white. For some people, that is enough to make them stop reading right here because they think that I am inherently racist or bigoted. However, I am not. You will have to take my word on that.

The pastor in question is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention as am I. Over the past few years, the SBC has been infiltrated by a number of radical liberals who espouse the Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Basically, these two things teach that being born white automatically makes you a racist and White Supremacist. They are nothing short of Satan’s heretical views in an attempt to destroy the church and cause civil unrest. They are also the foundation of the heretical movement known as Black Liberation Theology.

The white pastor should have said to the black pastors, “As long as you are not committing a criminal act or not complying with the police officer’s directions, neither of you or your children will have any problem with the police.” The same goes for any black, white, red, yellow, or any other color of a person’s skin. What happened to George Floyd was wrong. There is no doubt about it. However, the common denominator with every case involving brutality or death by a police officer is caused by the victim doing something to create an interaction with the police. In Mr. Floyd’s case, he was a convicted violent felon under the influence of illegal drugs, acting erratically and causing a disturbance inside the police vehicle.

The Black Lives Matter movement would have you believe that all police departments and all officers are racists and that they go out of their way to look for and harass black people and homosexuals. They spew their hatred and violence in an attempt to destroy the family unit and cause upheaval in society. They base these ideas on lies. The statistics do not back up their claims of police brutality against black people. The whole organization was founded on lies, and it continues to grow and fester based on perpetuating those as well as other lies. In truth, their name should be Black Lies Matter.

The church needs to understand that its purpose is to evangelize the sinners, edify the saints, and exalt the Savior. Here, in the USA, the church has forgotten its purpose. There is no difference in the color of your skin, language you speak or male and female in God’s eyes. He only sees sinners and saints. Instead, it has allowed every idea, program, and political view to influence its message. May God have mercy on us all.

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