Christians cannot be Democrats

Anyone who supports the Democrat Party cannot be a Christian. That’s a bold statement, but absolutely true. I know there are people that will disagree with me, but let’s examine this further and see if I am right. 

A Christian is someone who has accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of their life. They accept that He was born of a virgin, lived a perfect, sinless life, was tortured and crucified for their sins, was buried, resurrected, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father interceding on their behalf. Those that acknowledge these truths are saved by grace through faith in Jesus and will spend eternity with God in Heaven. Christians are not perfect, but their sins have been forgiven. Christians live by the principles laid out in The Word of God (Holy Bible). 

A Democrat is someone who holds to the principles of the Democrat Party. Here is a partial list of what they believe and support: 

  • promote homosexuality,
  • promote trans-genderism, 
  • believe there are more sexes than male and female, 
  • allow unisex bathrooms and locker rooms, 
  • allow the murder of unborn babies under the guise of “women’s choice,”
  • let newborn children to be murdered and call it late-term abortion,
  • anti-God,
  • anti-Christian,
  • anti-constitutional,
  • eliminate the 1st and 2nd Amendments,
  • have a two-tiered justice system,
  • enforce the religion of Global Warming bogus science,
  • eliminate private health insurance,
  • have a government-run medical system,
  • anti-Israel,
  • anti-White Male,
  • support radical Muslim religions,
  • favor illegal aliens over US Citizens,
  • deny border crisis and eliminate borders,
  • give illegal aliens Constitutional rights,
  • allow terrorists to vote,
  • allow rapist and murderers to vote,
  • allow illegal aliens to vote,
  • eliminate middle America votes,
  • eliminate combustion engines,
  • eliminate airplanes,
  • eliminate vehicles,
  • eliminate ships,
  • eliminate farming,
  • eliminate cows,
  • rebuild all current buildings,
  • destroy and/or eliminate law enforcement, and
  • replace Capitalism with Socialism.

Most of these things are in direct opposition to the principles found in the Bible as well as common sense. Therefore, a Christian cannot support the Democrat Party. 

The USA was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Our founding fathers were not perfect, but they recognized the tyranny and corruption in the forms of government that existed. They built our Country on something different. They designed our government with checks and balances so that it could withstand the problems of the past. 

Now, the Democrats want to destroy everything our founding fathers built. They support every immoral, ridiculous, and ungodly idea that comes along. They have turned their backs on common sense and decency. 

May God raise up men that are not afraid to stand for what is right. We need to get rid of the weak-willed preachers that sacrifice The Word to get along with the dumb masses. We need preachers and leaders in the church that are more concerned with standing for what’s right instead of keeping the seats filled with money givers. 

May God have mercy on us. 

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