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noun: anarchy

  1. A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
  2. Also see “Democrat run cities”

Ok, the 2nd definition was mine, but can anybody argue it isn’t true? The adults have either A. checked out, or B. don’t give a happy rat’s hindquarters, or C. (and this is my choice) have theirs and don’t give a flip about anybody else.

I just saw a news item saying that gun sales for the month of June set a record. Dealers are running out of stock. (BTW anybody know where I can score a Remington 870 tactical 3” with ghost ring sights?) And ammunition is getting harder to find. Stores are rationing what they have. 9mm and .223cal./5.56mm is almost impossible to find. .40 and .45 caliber is very difficult. Shotgun ammo and .22 caliber is still easily available, but for how long. Is it possible we…

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