Are You Prepared?

Once upon a time, I was a boy scout. Their motto at that time was, “Be Prepared.” Of course, this was long before they pandered to the feminists, homosexuals, and the politically correct crowd. But, I digress. My question to you is, Are you prepared?

I have recently read or seen several news stories about people who were caught up in the “peaceful” protests” and were unable to get help from the police. In some cases, they didn’t respond. In at least two instances, they told the caller to contact the city hall and complain to them. In one occurrence, the “peaceful” protesters surrounded a car containing a young mother and her young child. The dispatcher told her to be sure not to hit anyone with her car and to contact city hall because the police were told not to intervene in the protests. The woman and child were terrified. In another, the “peaceful” protesters broke and destroyed a gate that led to private property and started marching and yelling in front of a residence. In this instance, the property owners armed themselves with a rifle and a handgun and stood outside. This case really troubled me because the individuals obviously had no idea how to handle these weapons.

I saw this husband and wife display their weapons most carelessly and dangerously. The husband pointed his rifle at his wife on more than one occasion while his hand was near the trigger. The wife pointed her handgun in a way that reminded me of someone painting a wall. Her arms were bent, and the gun was about six inches in front of her face. If she had fired the weapon, she would most likely have missed her target and would have to get stitches in her face.

I am a 100% supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the United States’ Constitution. I believe that it clearly allows those who want to own firearms to do so without their right being “infringed” upon. However, if you exercise that right, you should know how to use the weapon you choose. This is just plain common sense. Unfortunately, the time in which we live is causing people to endanger themselves and others.

Firearms are selling at such a pace that the manufacturers cannot keep up with the demand. Why? Because people are scared. We watch on TV the arson, riots, and violence against innocent people. We hear the leaders of this anarchy say that it will continue and move out into the suburbs. These mobs start up fast and random. We have been trained for decades to call 911 when we need help, but now there may be no help coming. We cannot expect help from the police, and when we take action on our own, we can expect the law to go after us. So, we must be diligent in how we decide to defend our families and protect our property.

I am a veteran as well as a retired police officer, and I know how to use firearms. If you choose to protect yourself with them, please learn how to use them properly. If not, you may cause more harm than good.

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